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Runewriters Chapter 3

This has sold out! We aren't sure when more will restock, but check back soon!
Chapter books of Runewriters are here at last!

Runewriters is a comic about a deaf girl trying to help her shapechanger friend fix an embarrassing magical mistake. This 90-page book includes the full-colour third chapter of the story, in which they run into some trouble in the city and meet a strangely perceptive boy who definitely doesn't have any magical secrets, as well as several extra pages of concept art, sketches, development work and a bit of commentary from me on the process! Also, translations for Jonan, since I know you're curious.

For a bit extra, I'll sign it and include an original sketch card, too! Just select the "+ sketch card" option in the drop down menu, and tell me which RW character you'd most like in the text box!

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