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Out of Print Book Versions
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A cheaper option, if you don't mind all your books not quite matching!

These are several different leftover books from older print runs. Today Nothing Happened Volumes 1 and 2 were printed with Ka-Blam for a couple of years before I switched to printing with 360 Digital for all my books -- the content is identical, but the colours of the old books are slightly different, the paper is slightly different, the books don't quite look the same and the covers feel like a thinner stock. The books Ka-Blam printed are still decent quality books, though, so I'm offering them at a discount!

Chapter One of Runewriters has always been handled by the same printer, but I ended up changing my mind pretty hugely on the cover I wanted, so I guess this could be seen as a LIMITED EDITION COVER??? Anyway, there's only a few left, and they're at a discount too!